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SVHFS Sprints

The Southeastern VHF Society sponsors Fall VHF/UHF Sprints. All amateurs are encouraged to participate, even if only in a small way. They are meant to get everyone on the air. The rules encourage rover, microwave operation and the casual operator new to VHF/UHF.

The contest is intended for single operator, single transmitter entries. However, if one wishes to introduce a newcomer to weak signal vhf/uhf operations, the sponsors of the contest reserve the right to allow such entries, if identified as such. In no case will there be more than 1 radio operator at one time. A second person can not serve as a “spotter” while the first operates. Operating categories are still Single Op and Rover.

Sprints are held on different days for each band except for the Microwaves (902 and up) that are held together. The operating time for each Sprint is short (like a sprint :-) and meant to compress the activity into a shorter time span.

While the rules for Sprints vary by year, we are always open to suggestions on how to improve them for the future. If you have an idea on how to make the Fall Sprints better for next year (different dates, times, rule change, etc.) please drop the Fall Sprints Chairman a note and help out. This year, as a result of several requests, we will be using 6 character grid squares for 432 and microwave.

Please notice that, except for rovers, the scoring is more like the ARRL June VHF contest now. This will allow computer programs to both generate the logs and check the logs. Rover scoring is intended to encourage activation of many grids!

For details and up-to-date information about the Fall Sprints and the annual technical conference the Southeastern VHF Society sponsors, please watch this website

The rules, schedule, and additional information for the 2012 Sprints can be found here.

2012 Sprints Schedule Summary

  • 50 MHz - 10 August 2013
  • 144 MHz - 23 September 2013
  • 222 MHz - 1 October 2013
  • 432 MHz - 9 October 2013
  • 902+ MHz - 12 October 2013

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